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Find below the complete list showing the Zip code, Postal code and Map of McKinney in, TX, United States.

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About Mckinney, TX

McKinney is a City in Texas, United States known for its lush green landscapes and historic sites. Considered as a great vacation destination for many Americans, the city boasts of one of the most calm and slow paced atmospheres; a welcome escape from the bustle of city life in places like Miami and California in comparison.

Located around 32 miles north of Dallas, the city of majorly white folks is comprised of almost 200,000 settlers was the 16th most populous city in Texas as at 2019.

Best places to visit in McKinney

Looking for something other than the postal code of McKinney? Then you’ll should check out these places below. These and more are what McKinney is famous for:

  • Attend the Oktoberfest event
  • Visit the 18-hole Oak Hollow Golf course
  • Visit the Collin County Museum to sample the historic culture of McKinney
  • Checkout the 108 acre Towne Lake Recreation area for a Picnic with the family
  • Take a trip to the Heard Wildlife Museum for some animals, trails, nature and exhibits.
  • The McKinney Performing Arts Center to enjoy live performances in downtown McKinney.
  • Hutchins BBQ: You can’t say you visited this City without stopping over for some Ribs, Briskets and Barbeque at Hutchins’.
  • Lastly, the Juanita Maxfield Aquatic Center is a must visit especially during the hot seasons because it’s the ideal spot for all forms of water sports and activities.

McKinney Zip Code Map

The image below shows the map of McKinney in Texas. Simply click the image of the map to view the full map on Google Maps.

McKinney zip code
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Zip codes & Postal Codes in Mckinney, TX

Find the zip code you’re looking for in McKinney in the table below:

Location Zip Code
McKinney 75069
McKinney 75070
McKinney 75071
McKinney 75072


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