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About Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Cedar Rapids is located in Linn County. It lies on both banks of Cedar River. Located 32 km north of Iowa City and 160 km northeast of Des Moines, the state’s largest city and capital. Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the 2nd largest city in Iowa.

The 2029 United States Census shows the city’s population was 137,710. This city is nicknamed the “City of Five Seasons”. It is so-called because of its fifth season, a time to enjoy the other four seasons. The symbol of this “Five Seasons” is the Tree of Five Seasons sculpture located downtown along the north river bank. The representations of this sculpture and the name “Five Seasons” appears in the city in different forms.

The city is home to many historic and beautiful places like the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Paramount Theatre, African American Museum of Iowa, and many more.

Best Places To Visit In Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Apart from postal codes, I’m sure you will love to check out some beautiful places in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In no particular order, they are:

1. Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

2. National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

3. Cedar Rapids Public Library

4. Bever Park

5. Clock House Brewing

6. Cedar River

7. Indian Creek Nature Center

8. Grant Wood Studio

9. Brucemore

10. African American Museum in Iowa

11. Czech Village / New Bohemia District

12. NewBo City Market

13. Grant Wood Window Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium

14. Paramount theater

Cedar Rapids Zip Code Map

The image below shows the map of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Simply click the image of the map to view the full map on Google Maps.

Cedar Rapids Zip Code

Zip Codes & Postal Codes In Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Find the zip code you’re looking for in Cedar Rapids in the table below:

         Location         Zip Code     
Cedar Rapids 52227
Cedar Rapids 52228
Cedar Rapids 52233
Cedar Rapids 52324
Cedar Rapids 52328
Cedar Rapids 52401
Cedar Rapids 52402
Cedar Rapids 52403
Cedar Rapids 52404
Cedar Rapids 52405
Cedar Rapids 52406
Cedar Rapids 52407
Cedar Rapids 52408
Cedar Rapids 52409
Cedar Rapids 52410
Cedar Rapids 52411
Cedar Rapids 52497
Cedar Rapids 52498
Cedar Rapids 52499



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